We are passionate about guiding young people on a career pathway, so each individual may thrive.

During the COVID-19 pandemic we are continuing to support schools in making their students career ready as they guide individual students in identifying their unique career pathway.

In this time of uncertainty allowing the students to focus on a long-term goal may offer some distraction to the any short-term uncertainty they may feel.

As a previous client of JIIG-CAL we want to support you and your students through these times of uncertainty and are offering you a 25% discount across both Career Voyage and Career Compass until June 30th.

COVID-19 Offer

25% OFF ALL NEW Subscriptions
until the end of June

Comprehensive career planning software for ALL general and ATAR students.

Career Voyage

Career Compass

It’s never too soon to nourish children’s career ideas with the highly graphics interface of Career Compass.


The benefits of using the JIIG-CAL software are far reaching for the students, career advisors and the schools.

Student Benefits

Career Advisors Benefits

School Benefits

Successful Tertiary Education Selection for Students

A 3-year student alumni study by a JIIG-CAL customer revealed that 85-88% of its students went onto a VTAC destination that was originally identified in Career Voyage

Career Voyage Works Well For Our Students

“Given the overwhelming correlation between both OIG and Notepad results with tertiary courses chosen two years later, we are confident that Career Voyage works well for our students. The program gives our career advisor the information to concentrate on each individual’s strengths and interests to help them with subject selection and then course selections.”

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