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Career Compass Tour

Career Compass is fun, and instantly engages students, by personalising with avatar and nickname.

Ideal for 10-14
year old students

  • Introductory Career Development
  • Guided exploration of suitable jobs
  • Student can read about jobs which capture their attention
  • Support wise subject choices
  • Generates an abundance of job suggestions
  • Suitable for both individuals and schools

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Career Compass helps you plan your future in general terms without telling you exactly what you should be doing with your life. It caters for all ability levels. Of course you need to choose carefully because the computer software can only know what you tell it. But as you explore you can also modify the things that you say you’d like to do.

The road ahead doesn’t have to be bewildering. Career Compass will help guide your exploration of occupations, without actually dictating what you should be doing.

Career Compass is not a test and there are no right or wrong answers. The software just works out what is best for you. The questions are easy, covering all the major areas of work, and answers are made with a simple mouse click.

Powerful mathematical algorithms quickly make sense of all the things you have told the computer, and quickly gives you a helpful bar chart which you can then use as a launch pad to guide your career exploration.

Click on any of your occupational interest bars to start exploring related careers. Save jobs to your Compass Card for later reports which you can print.