Career Guidance For Individuals

These career programs are well researched, easy to complete, & enable you to generate your personal profile, suitable job suggestions, and action plans.

For young people
and adults

  • Comprehensive and effective tool
  • General abundance of suitable job suggestions
  • Successfully used by more than 500,000 users
  • Compatible with tablet and other mobile devices!!

Planning university or other course?

Courses cost money, time and energy. Are you heading in the right direction? After graduating will you end up in a job you love, or a job you hate? In a fast changing world it is wise to spend a little time planning a suitable career path leading to a career which suits you.

Rethinking your career?

Most people contemplate changing career or switching job type at some stage during their working lives. Not all go through with it, but for those who do, the moves can prove an extremely rewarding and edifying experience. If you are seriously considering a change it’s essential that you thoroughly research your options before taking action.

Are you a parent?

Career Compass helps students 10-14 years of age learn about themselves and the world of work.

Make Realistic career plans with Career Voyage for Individuals

In five easy stages you will be able to develop suitable career plans.

Section Choice – working with the appropriate level of education and training. Levels range from minimum education and training to university graduate level.

Occupational Interest Guide – providing links FROM personal interests TO the world of work. Clear, specific and supportive graphical and text information is produced.

Job Suggestions – your progress to a second interactive questionnaire involving eighty job factors (including working conditions, health, talents, working hours, etc.). On completion of this section the system generates twenty job suggestions for you, ranked in order of suitability based on what you have said about yourself. Each job suggestion has key information about that job.

Research and Action Planning – software features enable you to develop realistic career plans. These include “Pros and Cons” for you for each selected job, “Similar Jobs”, “Other Jobs” (jobs in addition to those listed as suitable suggestions), together with the flexibility to change aspects of the results.

Resume Writing – stepping you through vital steps to create winning resumes.