What does JIIG-CAL Australia do?

The company is dedicated to creating high quality career guidance software for the benefit of career seekers and career practitioners. Freely available over the Web, more than $20 million worth of research and development resources has been devoted to our software to ensure high reliability, validity and suitability for all ability levels.

What does JIIG-CAL career guidance software do?

Our software is carefully researched and designed to give the best career guidance outcomes for students/clients and career professionals. With proven high reliability and validity the programs take career seekers through a series of easy steps, enabling them to generate helpful, individualised and detailed reports.For further details Contact Us.

Who is the software suitable for?

Career Voyage is designed for all career seekers aged 15+. It is suitable for all ability levels, takes into account all aspects of equal opportunity and is supportive of diversity.

Career Compass is designed for students around 10 and 14 years of age who are looking to further their general career development.

How can I access the software?

Individuals click here.

Career Advisers please Contact Us.

Can I see a demonstration of the software?

Yes, we are keen to show you the features of the system, and for you to compare our software with other products on the market.

Contact us with your details and we will arrange a demonstration for you.

What does JIIG-CAL stand for?

Originally the name stood for Job Ideas & Information Generator – Computer Assisted Learning.

These days JIIG-CAL just stands for high quality career guidance software.

If you have a question that is not covered above, please feel free to contact us.