Career Voyage – Career Planning Software

Career Voyage is an internationally recognised, high quality career planning system designed for career seekers of all ages (15+) administered by career practitioners.

For ages 15+ years

  • Compatible with iPads and other tablet devices!!
  • Comprehensive and effective tool to facilitate career planning
  • Administered by accredited practitioners
  • Successfully used by more than 500,000 students/clients
  • Enhances the competitive position of your organisation
  • Generates an abundance of suitable job suggestions

For Career Practitioners

Save time while ensuring good career outcomes for your students or clients.

Students/Clients get their own secure login. So do you! This enables you to manage your student/client records, identify those needing further attention, customise your set-up, enter your organisational logo, create reports, and lots more. Improve outcomes while saving time. (See also accreditation for career practitioners).


Access world class career planning software from as little as $5 per client/student account.

Free Adviser Account!

For Students/Clients

Career Voyage builds students’/clients’ confidence in their own decision making process. They find careers they love and make decision based on reliable, well-researched software! Career Voyage takes them to the next stage in their career journey and generates Occupational Interest Profiles, 20 Job Suggestions ranked in order of suitability, detailed Job information, Qualification Requirements, etc. Creating action plans and writing resumes are so easy with Career Voyage!

Where are we located?

The Career Voyage product is used internationally. We operate from Australia with a particular focus on Australia and New Zealand (NZ).