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Guidance for Career Practitioners

For age group 15+ years

  • Now compatible with iPads and other tablet devices!!
  • Comprehensive and effective tool to facilitate career planning
  • Administered by accredited practitioners
  • Successfully used by more than 500,000 students/clients
  • Enhances the competitive position of your organisation
  • Generates an abundance of suitable job suggestions

Career Voyage takes clients through a five stage process:

1. Section Choice

Clients choose the appropriate level of education and training by selecting one of five levels. These levels range from minimum education and training to university graduate level. The language used, items presented and jobs suggested have been thoroughly researched to suit each level.

2. Occupational Interest Guide

An interactive questionnaire asks clients about their occupational interests as they relate to the world of work. An occupational interest profile is produced for each client with clear, specific and supportive graphical and text information. The practitioner can enter the Adviser screen and check the client’s results for problems needing attention. The Adviser report outlines any particular concerns and suggests appropriate courses of action. Printable interest profile reports for both client and adviser are available.

3. Job Suggestions

The client moves on to a second interactive questionnaire involving a further eighty job factors (including working conditions, health, talents, working hours, etc). Completion of this section leads to twenty job suggestions for all clients, based on what they have said about themselves. Each job suggestion has key information about that job.

4. Research and Action Planning

Using software features such as ‘Pros and Cons’ of each job, ‘Similar Jobs’, ‘Other Jobs’ (ie those not originally listed as suggestions), together with the flexibility to change aspects of the results, the client can interrogate the jobs database and develop realistic career plans.

5. Resume writing

Clients read and discover the important and necessary sections of successful resumes. There are sample cover letters and resumes to download along with helpful tips and information on what information to include, and more inportantly what to leave out.