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Research for Career Practitioners


The starting point for Career Voyage and Career Compass was basic research about how people, especially young people, make good career decisions. Thus it is underpinned by rational cognitive theory based on sound psychometric measurement principles. This contrasts sharply with approaches which start from arm-chair theories and develop with very little (often no) scientific evidence.

Extensive research was conducted in the UK over many years by Dr S J CLoss and his team at the Careers Research Centre, Edinburgh University. Australian research has been conducted by JIIG-CAL Australia with the support of Managing Director R H Bredemeyer. This research is ongoing, forever keeping up with the changing world of work.

It should be noted that while workplace change is rapid, human characteristics and attributes do not change as quickly. JIIG-CAL software databases of occupational information are updated continually by our job research team. (For details please contact us.) The focus in this research section is to provide background information on the psychological and critical job factors enabling the provision of proven software and sound career decision-making.

The following downloadable PDFs summarise much of the research to date.