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Football & Ballet

What do they have in common?
A lot more than you may think!

AFL football and ballet haven’t traditionally had much in common, but as players look to extreme measures to shake off persistent injuries, ballet is being used to help save some football careers.

“A dancer must be able to leap high into the air, place legs at a 180-degree angle, have their toes pointed, knees stretched and fingers perfectly placed, before landing without a sound and moving on to the next step.

“Not an ounce of effort can be displayed and not a beat of the music can be missed.”

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Few master the movement of their bodies quite like a dancer, and this is why ballet training can be so beneficial athletes in most sports.

A career at elite levels can be very rewarding, fulfilling and all-consuming. Regrettably the threat of failure is also close at hand. Not just injury. Loss of form, or simply loss of motivation can, and does, terminate careers quickly. Particular in high-pressure contact sports, the best expectation (with no show-stopping injury) will be for a fifteen year professional job. What then?

Here at JIIG-CAL we recognise the importance of “Plan B”. That’s why we incorporate suitable and realistic options for all Career Voyage users. People leaving professional sports often enter entirely different jobs. The wisest of them plan ahead and engage with backup education and training, so they are well prepared when they have to leave the sporting life.

Aside from elite performance levels, there are many other sports-related jobs. Most young people with sporting talents just focus on professional sportsperson. However there are also lots of sports-related careers for consideration. Here are some of them:

Sports Administrator
Sports Coach
Sports commentator
Sports Development Officer
Sports Official
Sports-goods Salesperson
Sports Medicine Doctor
Sports physiotherapist Sports masseur
Sports/Exercise Scientist
Teacher – Physical Education
Professional umpire
Fitness coach
Pilate instructor
Recreation centre supervisor