Where’s Your Career Heading In the Future?

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“Follow your passion!”

“Dream the dream and never work another day in your life!”

Really? Is that a great idea? Is career planning that simple?

Well, actually … no.

“Think positive.” “Follow your passion!” “Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.”

We’ve all heard these sayings many times. But is it good advice? Are you setting yourself up for flying success, or a down-to-earth bump, or indeed a hard road ahead?

And the answer is: it all depends.

If you’re a Roger Federer, a Taylor Swift or a Steve Jobs at the top of your game, why change anything? Follow your passion is excellent advice.

On the other hand (& regrettably) we’re not all able to operate at elite levels. And like many of us, maybe you are yet to discover your passions and how they might relate to the world of work.

What we do know is that your jobs will very likely be a large part of your life. So it’s worth spending time planning where you’re heading, weighing pros and cons of options, as well informing yourself about the realities of the changing world of work.

Likes and dislikes are important. So are income, feelings of fulfilment, freedom from unwanted stress, anxiety and danger, meeting your core values, and enjoying your work environment.

Weighing up your reactions to all relevant job-related factors isn’t easy. But help is at hand.

We recommend setting side some time for career planning, using proven career tools such as web-based Career Voyage from JIIG-CAL, and collaborating with an experienced career professional.

Remember it’s rare for someone to find the “perfect” job with everything s/he likes and nothing s/he dislikes. Good career planning involves the art of compromise to achieve the best balanced outcome for your particular individual needs, wants and circumstances.


Bob Bredemeyer

Feb 2018